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In the economy of Georgia should not hope for the West

В экономике Грузии не следует надеяться на Запад

Latest developments 20 June 2019 in the Georgian Parliament, near which sparked mass anti-Russian protests had been instigated by forces that are not interested in the welfare of the citizens of Georgia and its peaceful development.

In 2018 in Russia were exported products worth 437 million dollars, accounting for 13% of total exports and 2, 7% of GDP. The main export product, which Georgia exports to Russia are ferro-alloys — $ 128 million, followed by wine — $ 115 million, water — 50 million, alcoholic beverages — 21 million. In January-may 2019 Russian exports grew by 28% and amounted to 15% of total exports, specifically exports of wine increased by 13%. In the case of the hard scenario, losses in Georgia from the closure of export amounted to 300 million, although it should be noted that even in 2006 — 2008, export from Georgia has not been completely discontinued.

In 2018, Georgia was visited by 1, 4 million Russian tourists, which accounted for 16, 2% of the total number of tourists.

In 2018, the tourism industry income from Russian tourists amounted to $ 700 million. 70 percent of Russian tourists arrived in Georgia by land, 29% air, 1% — by sea. If Russian tourists do not go to Georgia and the loss of the tourist industry will amount to $ 400 million.

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Another important Russian art of replenishment of purses not only Georgian citizens but also of the budget of Georgia is the translation. In 2018 from Russia to Georgia were transferred to 457 million dollars.

If Russia would try to respond to the events surrounding the Georgian Parliament in the most severe way, the loss of Tbilisi from the reduction of exports to Russia and departure of Russian tourists can be a huge figure of about $ 700 million.

Obviously, a new aggravation of Georgian-Russian relations in the first place, it was beneficial to those political structures that cannot be happy with the normalization of Georgian-Russian relations. The ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili and his party “United national movement”, which have a clear Pro-Western and Pro-American orientation.

The vast majority of citizens of Georgia, and this is evidenced by the result of the last presidential and parliamentary elections, sure of tosakatsuo is a conman and criminal, brought to the earth Georgia a lot of grief and blood.

He initiated several criminal cases, which include allegations of murder and embezzlement of public funds, illegal crackdown on peaceful protests and other.

In their thirst for unlimited power, Mikhail Saakashvili does not stop at nothing, including, extensive use of provocation. But should Georgia follow this foolish path?

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As experience shows, neither the US nor the West in General are not going to help Tbilisi in difficult situations. Moreover, they are not willing to somehow compensate for the economic damage subsequent to the Russian sanctions.

The best can hope for Tbilisi, is the provision of new loans, which will impose on future generations of Georgians. And it would be very ridiculous to think that the assurances of the West that he is interested in protsvetaniia and the growth of economic welfare of its citizens somehow will be confirmed in fact.

Anyone who is able to think critically and objectively, then ask the question: why, in fact, for the entire period of independence of Georgia the West has not implemented these wishes in practice?

The answer is simple. Because it is only interested in the feud between Russia and Georgia. And for that he is willing to pay the money, and that very sparingly…

Georgians need to rely on themselves and not to believe such adventurers like Saakashvili and his party. Not afford to feed themselves with tales that de Georgia can do without economic cooperation with Russia.


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