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In the DPRK the army of child slaves forced to build railroads

В КНДР армию детей-рабов заставляют строить железные дороги The first graders all day banging hammers on railroad tracks

Newspaper the Daily Mirror has published several videos, which show the children working on the railway in North Korea.

Dozens of boys and girls, among them on view is and first graders all day banging hammers on railroad tracks that divide the axes large stones, which hinder the laying of tracks, as well as hauling bags with pieces of rocks in the sun.

The publication claims that children work 10 hours a day, while their families receive no payment. Younger employees are guards, who run the working process and constantly shout at them. If children do not have time to carry out the plan, they face severe punishment, the newspaper said.

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Activists who took to the newspaper this video on a hidden camera, also noted that children do not go to school. Where they sleep and what they eat and who their immediate boss, the newspaper reported. However, it is noted that the children look as if they are constantly depleted by malnutrition, exhausting work and constant psychological stress.

The experts point out that while the total population of DPRK is 24 million people millions of children in the country brought to slave labor.

“Human rights organizations reacted with horror to the results of our investigation”, — the newspaper writes. The representative of the European Alliance for human rights in North Korea Michael Glendinning noted that the published footage documented one of the worst crimes of the North Korean state against the child.

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“Frames confirm our own research on issues of child labour which established that the children are subjected to forced labour, he said. — However, children experience not only physical violence but also psychological — they organize sessions of self-criticism, and subjected to indoctrination”.

British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft recently called forced labour in North Korea “modern slavery”, the newspaper said. In 2014, the UN report said that the situation with violation of rights in North Korea makes it a state “has no analogues in the world.”

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