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In the Donetsk region in the fire killed three baby

На Донетчине в огне пожара погиб трехлетний малышAccording to neighbors, the family was dysfunctional, but the bodies of social protection on the account was not

Neighbors say that the victim in the fire of a three-year Sasha, put to sleep the other woman, while his mother drank vodka in the kitchen.

According to neighbors, the ill-fated apartment often echoed with the screams, so the day of the tragedy on a regular commotion residents not immediately noticed. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The police said that when drunk, the mother smelled smoke and opened the door to the bedroom was on fire. To save the child and the woman failed.

The press officer of the Kramatorsk police Department Olga Yurasova said: “Failure to comply with fire safety standards. And the sanction of this article prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment from three to eight years.”

That family is dysfunctional, only knew the neighbors – the kindergarten child does not go, and in the center of social services single mother on the account were not.

“In the sight of our she did not fall. According to doctors, the mother had fulfilled all the prescriptions of doctors. Child vaccinated. But the fact that she’s lived environment – that is another question. Why no one of the neighbors saw, nobody called, nobody told us”, – said the Director of the Center for social services Druzhkovka Marina Krishchenko.

The employees of social services have complained that reveal a dysfunctional family has become more difficult since last year social services were transferred from the state to local funding, and their staff is significantly reduced.

Today, social escort in Druzhkovka have only seven families.

“Termination of parental rights is an extreme measure, and it is our job first and foremost, it is aimed at preserving the biological family of the child… Oformlenie any documents, design manuals, design of children in institutions. Kindergartens here, for example. Or help, if parents want to solve the problem, if it exists, with alcohol,” – said the specialist services for children in Druzhkivka, Tatyana Melnichenko.

Service for children calls to contact them, all who see that the baby was in a difficult life situation.

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