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In the Donbass intensified the confrontation between criminal groups

На Донбассе активизировалось противостояние между криминальными группировкамиGroups share power and control over material resources.

In the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions has intensified the conflict between local criminal groups for political influence and the distribution of material resources. It is reported by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

In particular, notes prospecting, the representative of the “Donetsk group”, the so-called “mayor” of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko established personal control over all spheres of urban management.

“The city recorded numerous cases of redistribution of assets in the sector of private trade with the involvement of representatives of criminals. To this end, in late April initiated large-scale inspections of almost all business entities. For fear of tax audits, a significant number of entrepreneurs turned their businesses. However, even in such cases, from local businessmen require the granting of access to places of storage of goods for its description and confiscation of products of Ukrainian production”, – explained in exploration.

The Ministry also added that to prevent the recovery of the influence of the local “Donetsk” trying to appoint to key positions in the “power” of Gorlovka their representatives.

“To this end, the city launched a comprehensive inspection “of law enforcement and Executive authorities”, the results of which are expected to mass layoffs “officials”. In such circumstances, dissatisfaction with the actions of the “Donetsk group” is growing both at the level of “regional elites” and among the locals. This may lead to violent conflict between the two warring parties”, – concluded in intelligence.

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