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In the Donbas the guy killed the woman at the cemetery

На Донбассе парень убил женщину на кладбищеNight, a guy and a woman gathered at a cemetery products, which between them had a quarrel

In Turecka Donetsk region the teenager and the woman were gathered at the cemetery products, which between them had a quarrel.

A teenager hit a woman with a wooden cross, with the result that she died on the spot, reports the press service of Ukraine in Donetsk region. Note that the body of a resident found by a passerby on April 24 and immediately called the police. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Experts who examined the body, found on the head injuries. The fact was qualified as murder. It is reported that the police had treated the surrounding area to establish the witnesses and eyewitnesses of incident, held a number of investigative and search activities. As a result, the police arrested a suspect aged 17 years.

“Together with the victim that night, they collected food that was left by the visitors during the memorial days. Not dividing “production”, the couple began to quarrel. First there was verbal abuse, and when the patience of the guy snapped, he grabbed a wooden cross and struck several blows to the head “rival”. Injuries were incompatible with life”, – noted in the national police.

Now material evidences are withdrawn and attached to materials of criminal proceedings opened under part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (premeditated murder). The sanction of article provides till 15 years of imprisonment.

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