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In the desert of Australia discovered strange creatures

В пустыне Австралии обнаружены странные существа The recent flooding in the desert of Australia has led to the emergence of more than thousands of species that previously lived here.

Many of them were not previously recorded in the scientific community that caused the unusual interest of specialists.

Observations shared by scientists from the North of the territory parks Australia. Unusual shrimp with a shield was found by the resident of the settlement of Alice springs. He photographed the creature and sent to the Northern organization parks.

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Experts said that this is not the first case when in the empty can you find freshwater inhabitants. Some of them appeared in the floods. The closure of Uluru led to flooding at Christmas, according to residents of Australia. “The shrimp is well adapted to the desert environment, because their eggs will remain dormant for many years until significant rains which will cause the population explosion,” – said author of the study. Now, after floods in Australia best observed behind the shield of shrimp.

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The fact that at this time he much revealed, demonstrating its resistance to weather conditions. Such shrimp can reach up to 9 inches in length. Their body has often a green colour, which with age becomes brown. A specialist who studies shrimps, last time I encountered similar 28 years ago. He focused on the fact that now in Australia can always discover unusual creatures that appear here due to weather anomalies.

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