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In the defense Ministry corruption scandal brewing

В Минобороны РФ назревает коррупционный скандалTransparency International reported the conflict of interest of command of the Ministry of defence and their children who work in the manufacturer “Superjet”.

Anti-corruption organization Transparency International in its report said the conflict of interest at the chief of security Service of flights of the Ministry of defense Sergei Bainetov and his daughter, who works in the company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” (the company that produces “Superjets”).

Sergey Bainetov responsible for “interagency monitoring of activities of the aviation personnel of the state aircraft concerning flight safety”. Among other things, he is responsible for the safety of the emergencies Ministry and the interior Ministry, which is to use the “Superjet”.

Daughter Bainetov works as Director of contracts in the company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft”. “That is, he has a conflict of interest: his daughter works for a company that provides paid services to departments in respect of which he has official powers,” conclude the authors of the report of Transparency International.

The son of the Deputy defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov also works in the company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft”. Daniel Tsalikov, head of Department of support of sales. “A potential conflict of interest expressed in the possibility of lobbying of interests of the company, which has paid its closest relative,” reads the report.

In January, “Kommersant” wrote that the old aircraft of the Ministry of defense can be replaced by “Superjets”. In February, Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov denied it. According to Borisov, the military, these aircraft are not suitable.

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