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In “the Dark tower” will be a cameo cujo!

Stephen king is so much going on, that you cannot just take and score in a variety of references, Easter eggs and cameo. First, it’s fun. Especially for regular readers (or viewers). When the mind flashes a fleeting recognition, it brings some completely childish joy (I sdelal, saw the King himself in the cafe from the TV series “Under the dome”!). Second, these relationships can have long-lasting consequences. Now the fashion on a variety of universes, someone starts a superhero, someone monstrous, here and around Stephen Batkovich slowly built his own. Third, and why not, exactly?

In the literature, Maestro tied almost all their netlenki. Most of the yarn was drawn to the novel-epic “the Dark tower”, the main work of the King. The same thing could happen with film adaptations. Already announced the series “castle Rock”, where the Union kingovskoy stories under one title is the main thing. And coming movie “the Dark tower” (The Dark Tower), where in addition to pet fan community – a black Arrow – we will see references to “the Shining” and “It”. But not only them.

In the latest interview with Sy king said the following:

If the audience is familiar with my work, I will look very closely, they can see cujo. Look for cujo in new York.

Damn. Now will not blink in the cinema! After all, if you happen to turn away at the wrong time, rewind will not rewind. Need something to prepare in advance, print a portrait of a rabid St. Bernard, for example. You remember that creepy dog from the same movie? A good reason to re-watch the movie.

The overlook in the photo, “Hello” from Pennywise, cujo… There is a feeling that is not all. “The dark tower” is interesting. On large screens the movie is released on 3 August 2017. Director – Nikolai Arcel, starring Idris Elba, Tom Taylor and Matthew McConaughey.

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