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In the Danish zoos Pets will be fed to tigers and lions

В датских зоопарках домашних животных будут скармливать тиграм и львамThe zoo made a strange request.

Two Danish zoo in Copenhagen and Givskud — visitors are asked to bring pet animals to feed the predators.

Zoos are taking Guinea pigs and rabbits, these animals eat tigers, lions and wolves. According to the employee of the zoo of Copenhagen Anne-Sophie eller, to feed the predators are dogs and cats would be unethical, and besides, these animals are not included in the natural diet of animals.

“Well, when animals eat a variety of foods. They are fun to chew on the fur and inside they are very useful,” said eller.

Head Piscuskas zoo Richard Osterballe noted that the request of the zoo is not an offer to the owners to kill the Pets: “We do this because we need animals.”

The zoo also gives the opportunity to observe how the predator eats the animal. As noted by Osterballe, this practice allows you to be honest with children and tell them stories about “rabbit Paradise”, where their pet will supposedly go after death.

In October of 2015 at the zoo of the Danish city Odense in the presence of students conducted a dissection of a lioness. She was euthanized because the zoo was too much of these predators. Head of the zoo called it a cognitive process.

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