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In the Crimea have unearthed a unique artifact

В Крыму раскопали уникальный артефактScientists in the Crimea in the course of archaeological excavations on the territory of ICC “Artek” has found a unique Byzantine Church, Dating from the VI century.

Message from Director the IBS Alexei Kasprzaka it became known that the excavations in the territory of “Artek” was initiated in connection with the forthcoming construction of the complex “Sunny.”

Scientists have discovered a unique Byzantine basilicas of the VI century, who was described as the most valuable archaeological discovery of the modern Crimea.

Scientists determined the age of the ancient temple in the study of pottery shards found near the Foundation of the historical buildings. Byzantine Basil is not the only discovery of archeologists. Close to the unique building is located in an ancient Tatar cemetery.

At present, scientists have established the boundaries of the burial and embarked on a thorough study of details. Alexey Kasprzhak reported that the completion of archaeological excavations scheduled for may of this year. The administration of “Artek” decided not to build up the valuable treasure of antiquity, and make it available for tourists. This will be built with special infrastructure. Highly qualified specialists of restoration and preservation of the object, to prevent it from further destruction.

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