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In the Crimea began mass eviction of the Ukrainian military

В Крыму начались массовые выселения украинских военных This files most often have taken an apartment on the beach.

In the annexed Crimea from official housing with the families of the throw of the former Ukrainian security officers — of the SBU, interior Ministry, defense Ministry and emergency services. And attempts to “homeless” to defend in the courts square footage, received in the service of the Ukraine, lead to nothing.

All decisions of the courts of the self-proclaimed written as a blueprint, these apartments are official or municipal and service are not the successors of Ukraine, so all the expelled “without the right to the provision of alternative housing”. We are talking about apartments on the seafront in Yalta, Sevastopol, Feodosia, Sudak and Kerch.

Evict all

In June in Sudak, the court decided to evict the apartment of Vadim Pyleva, his wife Oksana and children — Ivan and Darya. They recognize the right of tenure and was removed from the register. This “news” it became known from the Russian registry of judicial decisions “Adact”. According to published information there, Pylev worked in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the city for more than 24 years. 3-room apartment received in 2009. the Policeman had to work on “new power”. After the annexation of the Crimea in the media he was referred to as Deputy chief OVD of Sudak, and in 2016-m have retired.

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But the court found that he and his family illegally use the company apartment. And even the arguments of colleagues from the interior Ministry, the man is nowhere to live, did not affect the decision to evict him from the apartment.

In court trying to return the apartment in Feodosia and the former employee of SBU Maxim Bazhanov. He asks to oblige the city Council to enter into a “social tenancy agreement”, because it lives in the apartment since 2011. “And on the Ukrainian housing legislation I can’t just be evicted, required to provide more housing,” — complained to the court enforcer. But in the Crimea don’t think so. Explain that the activities on the Peninsula SBU stopped, and her property became municipal. Interestingly, Bazhanov among the security forces, changed the oath, published by the SBU.

This year alone such judgments in the hundreds. All evicted — the former security forces, which after the annexation remained in the Crimea. But the work didn’t get fired. Kicked out of our apartment and mother in law of the current officer of foreign intelligence of Ukraine, 53-year-old Igor Kvitko. Office accommodation in Yalta on the street Sechenov it as the employee of SBU received in 2004. To evict the mother-in-law gathered force. “The fact of refusal in a voluntary order to leave confirmed at the hearing, this is also evidenced by the fact that a relative continues to live in an apartment and has no intention to release it,” reads the “”.

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The military housing is pressed immediately

About the problem with the eviction know, assured the “News” Olga Skripnik from the “Crimean human rights group”. Her colleagues are already preparing a press conference for this reason.

According to the head of the press service of the General staff of VSU Vladislav Seleznyov, injured apartment of the soldiers who moved to mainland Ukraine after the annexation, they pressed, break the locks in the doors, and gave the new “owners” of the military counterintelligence services, military prosecutors and the FSB. “The service apartments are privatized, submitted to the Ukrainian register of real estate, but Russian courts do not recognize them as legitimate. Many of those who came to the mainland, the apartments simply pressed”, — told the “news” Seleznev.

Interestingly, I do not presume to help in this situation, even “reshaly” who offer services for the return of a depressed real estate in the Crimea, and to which we asked for “help” under the guise of customers. “If room service was only open to make it is unlikely that it will succeed. It was just a right of use, not ownership” — throws up his hands the author of the ad Igor.

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