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In the constellation Leo, astronomers have found a star-pumpkin

В созвездии Льва астрономы нашли звезду-тыквуScientists have found a star that originated in the time of dinosaurs.

Scientists reported about the star named Regulus, the shape of which resembles a regular pumpkin. She is young in age and has a BMI, previousy similar to the Sun in 3.5 times.

According to the theory of scientists, the star Regulus is in the form of a flattened oval, if you look at it through a telescope, you might think that in outer space hung the pumpkin. Located young star in the constellation Leo. Its mass exceeds the Sun in 3,5 times. Scientists have spent some time in careful monitoring of the sun and recorded some interesting data.

A full rotation of the star Regulus passes for 15.9 hours. It has a flattened pole, so the shape and its appearance resembles a pumpkin. The star is so similar to the pumpkin, which even boasts a kind of ribs, the characteristic of this vegetable.. Scientists came to the conclusion that it’s outer body refers to the kind of plutoids and is of some value to the scientific world, allowing you to expand the classification of space objects.

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