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In the center of the galaxy have discovered a massive object

В центре галактики обнаружили массивный объектNewly-discovered object called OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb.

Using the gravitational lens effect, astrophysicists managed to register in the center of the milky way a massive object – either a huge planet, whether subjecty object, a brown dwarf.

Newly-discovered object called OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb (brief OGLE). It is 13 times more massive than Jupiter and orbits a star at 22 thousand light years from the Sun, in a densely populated star region of the galactic center.

OGLE is not as massive as, for example, a record heavy brown dwarf DENIS-P J082303.1-491201 b, which weighs in at 29 times more than Jupiter. But trinadcatiletnie advantage is already done. Because of the huge mass is difficult to say that OGLE is. District his “residence” is full of brown dwarfs – failed stars that are only a little bit is not enough mass to start thermonuclear reactions.

If it’s still a planet, it is very large. But if a brown dwarf, the scientists will be very surprised because brown dwarfs do not usually revolve around other stars – and OGLE rotates. In any case, is a celestial body stores more than it answers.

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