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In the center of our galaxy the black hole is detected

В центре нашей галактики обнаружена черная дыра Scientists made an unexpected discovery.

According to a statement by an international group of astronomers, our planet near a black hole. To this conclusion they came, when analyzed the radiation source Sgr A*, located in the middle of the milky Way.

In the Central part of the galaxy was spotted flashes of light associated with the accretion disk of matter, speed of whirling of which reaches 30% the speed of light.

From all this it follows that Sgr A* is a black hole. In the publication Astronomy & Astrophysics, it was noted that in the midst of all galaxies have supermassive holes, absorbing space and matter.

Between the Earth and the closest object Sgr A*, the distance is 26 thousand light years.

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