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In the center of Lviv found a century gravestones

В центре Львова обнаружили столетние надгробияHistorians say that they were taken from the cemetery and paved courtyard

About a hundred discovered gravestones dated 20-30-ies of the last century. Historians say that during the Soviet period tombstones taken from the cemetery and paved their yard. Yet the volunteers were able to dig 20 tombstones. One was made staircase to the basement boiler room.

The findings will be taken to one of the cemeteries of Lviv, and later will make them a commemorative stele. In addition, the promise to explain the inscriptions and symbols that almost a century ago has left on the plates of the relatives of the dead. “There seems to be talking in poetry, of different prayers, texts, certain saints are the passages that describe this person. Accordingly, there are certain drawings, there is star of David,” – said the head of the society of Jewish culture Alexander Nazarov.

Earlier in the Dnipropetrovsk region have unearthed ancient stone sculptures. One of them is dated V century BC and the second Eneolithic or early bronze age.

The statue was transferred to the Dnipropetrovsk national historical Museum named after Dmitry Yavornytsky. Now a collection of stone statues consists of 98 exhibits, but the new – the most ancient. “Early Neolithic stele detached from your complex. We don’t know what a barrow or grave it belonged to. However, for the study of this monumental religious sculpture is important. Scythian discovery is very interesting because we have a bit in museums, only six of the Scythian statues preserved”, – told the researcher of historic Museum of the Dnieper Daria Romanchuk.

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