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In the center of Kiev will fundamentally change the traffic

В центре Киева кардинально изменится движение автотранспортаThe area of Bessarabia square, expect big changes because of the constant traffic jams.

For the metro area, where constant traffic jams, finally came. In March, to be held Work Shop, during which their proposals to the city authorities will present urbanists and experts in transport modelling.

The essence of the proposals is to optimise transport flows. One of the options told us specialists in transport infrastructure — the construction of flyovers, but the opinion of experts on this issue were divided. Authorities say they are ready to study all proposals of the experts and to find a consensual solution. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Esplanadna can deploy

Urbanist Gregory Melnychuk called the transport hub area of Bessarabia was the most problematic in the city, as evidenced by the worst rate of contamination. “When you go with St. Lesya Ukrainka, to get on the street or Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, you need to make a left turn which crosses a stream with Shota Rustaveli and Skoropadsky, and therefore have to stand in long traffic. At the Council of urbanists, we will discuss what the most reasonable and real solutions are, both for drivers and pedestrians,” — said “news” Melnychuk.

Director of the company on simulation of transport flows “A+s Ukraine,” Dmitry Bespalov agrees: “By European standards, the scheme of traffic organization at the transportation hub in the area bessarabki just missing.”

One way of dealing with congestion in this location — the reorientation of tourist flows. “There are two options. First — Esplanadna street remains one-sided, but turns in the opposite direction, i.e. the movement is not the pool to the street as it is now, and Vice versa. The second option is to make Esplanadna str is double-sided with overlapping transit Shota Rustaveli street on the stretch from St. rognedinskaya str to pool with the organization of the pedestrian zone. In this case, we will not conflict with transport, which travels through Shota Rustaveli, and then intersects with the bend in the Esplanade”, — told us the chief specialist of Department of transport infrastructure of Kyiv city state administration Victor Petruk.

Overpass to three lanes

In addition, as a variant of the discharge of streams in the metro area, will discuss in March, according to Petruk, — an overpass on which to direct transit flows. “It’s about the three-lane flyover with a length of about 120-150 meters across the street Esplanaden. As planned, she may start somewhere in the area of Shota Rustaveli and “land” in the area of Hospital street. This is the best option, from the point of view of increasing throughput,” says Petruk.

According to him, the cost of the project will be comparable to the overpass from the Church to the Waterfront on the interchange at the Postal square (excluding the tunnel).
However, not all supported the idea of building overpasses. According to Dmitry Bespalov, the problem of this interchange will not solve, and in the best case — will move it to the next location.

“I oppose the flyover because in that case we will attract additional transit traffic from the Svyatoshino in the direction of the cave and back, and thus more load itself and Basarabeasca, and access roads to it. What will come out of it? In the best case, we move the tube from one troubled place to another — to the first traffic light on the Boulevard. Lesya Ukrainka,” says Bespalov.

The kievatodora: 90% of roads in Kiev destroyed

Agree with him and Melnychuk: “for a Long time it was thought that another way of avoiding traffic jams in the area Bessarabka, in addition to construction of flyover from Shota Rustaveli street, with entrance on Hospital street, no. But it is expensive and not very aesthetically pleasing, as the center of the city.”
The pedestrian zone or the tram

But the idea of creating a pedestrian zone, which announced the government of Kiev, is still hanging in the air. “The question you need to learn more. In September they conducted an experiment with overlapping travel on Bessarabka for a couple of days. The result of the following: some people went there, but frankly, the place is not very attractive for walking, not least because of the constant drafts. In addition, it was discussed the idea to extend high-speed tram line to the “Sports Palace”. But it can be extended to the metro, with a final stop in this place — between market and Arena City. This greatly simplifies the project, since in this case would be turning the ring and do not need a special double-sided cars, which is in Kiev there,” says Melnychuk.

The problem of congestion Bessarabska square and its permissions are outlined and the world Bank in its “Research for sustainable urban transport”. “Ideally, the plan requires the removal of car traffic on the street Big Vasilkovsky. This will help relieve the difficult transport hub around Bessarabska square and Arena City — is listed in the document. In the mayoralty assure that will study all the solutions and try to find a consensual solution.

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