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In the center of Kiev has fallen off the balcony of a historic building

В центре Киева обвалился балкон исторического зданияInjured balcony estates ant.

In the dilapidated estate of artist Alexander Murashko on the street Malaya Zhitomirskaya in Kiev center collapsed part of the balcony.

The house in November last year there was construction fence and was carried out minor works on the conservation of the building. It took 418 thousand UAH, reported Deputy head of the KSCA Anna Starostenko.

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The balcony has fallen off from the part of the building, which has no fence. The debris fell on the sidewalk and could injure passers-by.

The Kiev authorities are going to renovate the estate Murashko, however, announced in early June ProZorro bidding for the procurement of works failed. Now declared the new tender in the amount of 4.8 million UAH, the auction needs to take place on 6 September. Under the terms of the tender, restoration, conservation and repair work must be completed before December 15.

Emergency building needs to repair the roof, remove the balconies, wooden beam ceilings and partitions, as well as to reinforce door and window openings.

The Kiev government in the future is going to decide whether to open in a renovated farmstead Museum, gallery or art school.

Recall that in the house until about his majority grew famous Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Murashko. There was a icon workshop Alexander Murashko-older – stepdad future artist who took his stepson to Kiev to help him with the work. After the death of his stepfather, the house was inherited Murashko, Jr., and he immediately sold it, and with the money bought a small house with garden on Baggovutovskaya.

The ant estate protected by the security label, now in a dilapidated condition. In 2015, the year the court returned it to the city after the owner failed to fulfill its obligations to restore the building.

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