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In the center of Ivano-Frankivsk usual quarrel escalated into a shooting

В центре Ивано-Франковска обычная ссора переросла в стрельбуAn ordinary trip to the restaurant had not been so hot.

A conflict between two companies of young people has arisen today in the open air restaurant “Passage of Gartenberg” on Independence street in the center of Ivano-Frankivsk about an hour of the day. During the fight between men who had warned that now use weapons, and soon he heard 5-10 shots. Almost immediately after that, the participants of the fight has gone on several cars.

Arriving police found at the scene a few abandoned cars, probably owned by someone from participants of the fight. On the pavement near the driver’s door one of them had blood stains, and nearby lay a hunting rifle.

The city introduced the plan “Interception” and handed orientation on the other machines — they were seen by numerous witnesses and fixed mounted next to the camcorder. And soon the chase three patrol crews outside Galicia were detained “Volkswagen Golf” with the wounded, which was two more people. They explained that they didn’t run and tried faster to get to a hospital companion, which affected the lungs. They were taken to the police, and the victim was hospitalized to the regional hospital.

Also in the chase was detained Nissan with another fugitive. The pursuing patrol had cut it on the street Sich Riflemen, exposing his side. As a result of collision in the door of the Prius the law enforcement officers were dent, the police has not suffered. The detained driver said that the shooting was not involved, just went outside the restaurant to buy cigarettes at the kiosk.

According to the newspaper “Misto”, actually a brawl involving up to a dozen people after the shooting from the restaurant went 6-7 cars, and all three of the detained vehicles seized weapons.

As reported the communications Central Directorate of police in Ivano-Frankivsk region, on the fact of hooliganism with use of weapons criminal proceedings are opened. But it is preliminary qualification in the course of the investigation it is likely to be changed to a more serious article. Already managed to identify the vehicle and possibly involved in the incident. the Police visited their place of residence, but so far nobody home not found.

Today, law enforcement authorities interrogated the detained participants of the skirmish, and on the outskirts of the city tested all the cars trying to hold the rest. Exactly who fired and arrested if he is not yet reported. The police assure that the identity of the shooter, the weapon from which was shot the victim, and the causes of the conflict are established. Also not commented on the identity of the detainees and potential participants of the fight, they belong to law enforcement or other law enforcement agencies or the criminal world.

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