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In the Carpathian mountains lost six tourists

В Карпатах заблудились шесть туристовFortunately, all managed to find.

In the Transcarpathian region on March 3, rescuers received three reports that in the mountains of Rakhiv and Mezhigorskaya areas lost tourists. This was reported on the website of the Antimonopoly.

The first message arrived at 16:45 in Rakhiv search-and-rescue team. Rescuers reported that in the mountain valley Dragobrat during skiing was lost 16-the summer teenager, the inhabitant of Kiev.

For his quest was attracted Jasinjanska 6 rescuers of the mountain search and rescue Department and one car. The public and helped the rescuers.

At 19:40 skier found near the valley Vurda, Rakhiv district and accompanied to the place of his temporary residence in satisfactory condition.

At the same time, search and rescue operations carried out and the rescuers of mountain search and rescue office Nyzhni Vorota, Volovets district. Them at 17:00, it was reported that in the area of mount Gemba intermountain region lost orientation and lost two men, residents of the city. Lost tourists found in 19:10 Mar 03.

At the same time came to the rescue this is the third message about that in the mount Gemba intermountain region lost 3 of the tourists who travel route Pylypets – spikes – G. V. Top. They were the resident of Kiev born in 1999, resident of Ternopil born in 1998 and a resident of Stryi, Lviv region born in 1998.

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Their search had brought 3 squads rescuers from Nyzhni Vorota, Volovets district, Mizhgirya village and the city. At 12:15 04 Mar tourists was found and taken in sec. Pylypets. Medical care they needed.

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