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In the Carpathian freed three children and 30 adults from the labor of slavery

На прикарпатье освободили троих детей и 30 взрослых из трудового рабства

Hostages held for more than two years


In the Carpathian region the criminal group, within two years, kept in inhuman conditions 32 citizens, including three children: eight month old baby and children aged 9 and 7 years.

“Under the pretext of treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, they besides that pay money for it, had to work hard”, – said the police.

In the course of implementation of criminal proceedings the police of the Carpathian region under the procedural leadership of regional Prosecutor’s office detained six people involved in committing a serious crime, and the court will elect a measure of restraint.

Among the detainees, 31-year-old organizer and partners. The oldest of them is 35 and the youngest 22 years old.

For these crimes the malefactors are threatened by imprisonment from five to twelve years. Investigative actions are carried out.

Liberated citizens are provided with medical and psychological assistance.

Earlier in Cherkassy: the woman was detained while trying to sell her newborn baby for five thousand dollars.

And in Odessa to five years in prison sentenced a citizen of Turkey, who were transported Ukrainian girls abroad as sex slaves

And in the city of Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area police are investigating a wild incident with a 46-year-old woman kept in chains, own aunt. As it turned out, a woman with a mental disorder was under the care of his 58-year-old aunt, who decided that a relative is better to put on the chain “for her safety”.

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