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In the capital the old lady has committed suicide

В столице старушка покончила с собойThe woman was seriously ill.

In Kiev on the street of Enthusiasts, a tragedy happened from the balcony of the ninth floor jumped 88-year-old woman. The man across the street witnessed terrifying scenes.

The event took place in the house on the street of Enthusiasts 29/2, in service of rescue “102” 12:13 received a call. According to police, a man living in the house opposite, saw the old woman sat on the balcony railing, and swung his legs down. However, while he dialed the number of service of rescue, she had already jumped down.

To the scene arrived physicians, but all they had to do in this situation is to admit the death. The woman received injuries were incompatible with life, and she died on the spot.

At the time of the incident, the old lady was home alone since her daughter went to the store. What was the reason for this action is unknown. It is assumed that she did it because of a disease that caused her severe pain.

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