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In the capital, a new scandal erupted associated with NAU

В столице разразился новый скандал, связанный с НАУSauna found students on the ground floor of the main building of the University.

In the capital broke a new scandal involving the National aviation University. On the ground floor of the main building of University students found a sauna with relaxation room and plunge pool! At NAU stated that the sauna was built in 2008 past leadership.

S LEGKIM PAROM! Photos and videos of the steam room was posted on the page in social networks University student Michael Chimica. “Talk about the fact that the walls of the main building of our University there is a sauna, go long. I decided to check these rumors and went to the rector, who confirmed them, and instructed to hold me in place. Turns out she is near the classrooms, — told the “Today” Michael. A sauna consists of a hallway, where on the bench with a stack of folded beanie for steam rooms, toilets, showers, a small pool, a lounge, a music centre, with soft leather sofas. There on the table I found the unfinished bottle of vodka.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

В столице разразился новый скандал, связанный с НАУ

STUDENTS. As explained to “Today,” Andrew Meisner, Vice-rector for Economics and administrative work of NAU, a sauna in the educational building found in 2015. “Then the entrance had been sealed. Sauna has existed since 2008, she was a former leadership of the University. In 2015, it was suggested the sauna to dismantle and move it in science-sport and health center NAU to the property used for its intended purpose”, — said the “Today” Meisner said that the steam room will be dismantled and moved soon.

This is not the first scandal around NAU. In August last year on a bribe in 170 thousand euros, was detained by the acting rector of aviation University Volodymyr Kharchenko and his lawyer (passed the first part of a bribe in the amount of 100 thousand). As reported in the NEB, money Kharchenko demanded for the reinstatement of one of the professors. After searching the housing acting rector, police found nine gold bars of 1.5 million, $50 thousand, 70 thousand euros and 3000 pounds. Last week, the indictment against acting rector of NAU and the lawyer was directed to the Solomianskyi district court.

BUILD AND BLOCK. A lot of scandals and other Metropolitan universities. In November, the students of the pedagogical University them. Drahomanov six days blocked one of the buildings of the University on the street Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya. Students opposed intentions to transfer the building to rent, where businessmen allegedly planned to open a furniture store. Not without Streisand. At the beginning of this year, the land near the buildings of KNU. Taras Shevchenko at ENEA shielded stroysibprom, drove machinery. As it turned out, right next to the University building they intend to build the shopping center. Students and local residents have repeatedly opposed the construction, but it has not produced results.

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