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In the Bundestag sharply reacted to the chairmanship of ADG in the Committee on culture

В Бундестаге резко отреагировали на председательство АдГ в комитете по культуреRepresentatives of far-right ideologies should not lead to such structures, consider the other parties of the German Parliament.

German politicians and cultural figures opposed to third place in the parliamentary elections right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) chaired the culture Committee of the Bundestag of the new convocation, the competence of which are memorial complexes in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. This is the unanimous consensus of the leaders of the conservative block of Christian parties CDU/CSU, the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), the Left party and greens, reports the weekly Der Spiegel on Saturday, September 30.

“Many members of the ADG for his unacceptable statements showed that they are not valued by our culture of memory and use it for political provocation,” said Secretary of the faction of the SPD Carsten Schneider (Carsten Schneider) in an interview.

According to the Secretary of the faction “left” Zitte Petra (Petra Sitte), the chairmanship of ADG in the Committee on culture would be a “mockery of history”. “It’s very important to demonstrate responsibility, including for our culture of memory. It is therefore important that all democratic parties acted deliberately in the distribution of committees,” – said in his turn, the Secretary of the faction “green” in the Bundestag Haselman Britta (Britta Haßelmann) the Agency epd.

After the Bundestag elections held on September 24, artists and politicians sent a letter to the Council of elders of the Bundestag, urging not to give the position of Chairman of the culture Committee representative of ADG. The open letter was supported by 15 thousand people, according to the German Council for culture.

The Bundestag’s committees and their chairmen posts are distributed between fractions according to the number of seats.

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