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In the brain found a new mechanism of memory

В мозгу нашли новый механизм памятиDiscovered a new type of interaction between neurons of the brain.

Scientists at the University of Central Lancashire have discovered a new type of interaction between neurons of the brain.

Research has discovered a previously unexplored mechanism that could control learning and memory.

The human brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells and each has about 10,000 connections – known as synapses – with other cells. Each of them is enhanced or weakened depending on the various mechanisms of the brain that are still not fully understood. One of the most known mechanisms to increase the flow of information through the synapses is LTP or long term potentiation (Long term potentiation).

This mechanism is a strengthening of synaptic transmission between two neurons that persist long after exposure pathway. However, if this gain is too much, it could lead to epilepsy. And its deficiency leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

After studying the formation of synapses in the laboratory, scientists have found that this LTP drives the molecules known as kainate receptors is of NMDA receptors. These data reveal a new role for postsynaptic receptors in the plasticity of brain structures.

“Unravelling the interaction between the signal receptors in the brain not only reveals the inner workings of a healthy brain, but also provides a practical understanding of what happens when we form new memories. If we can keep these signals we can help to protect against diseases of the brain” – said one of the study’s authors Milos Petrovic from the University of Central Lancashire.

It studies the formation of neural connections may lead to more effective treatments of neurodegenerative disorders.

“This discovery represents a significant step forward and will have far-reaching implications for understanding memory, cognition, plasticity, and the neural network formation and stabilization,” said lead researcher Jeremy Henley from Bristol University in the UK.

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