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In the body of a man discovered the new body

В теле человека обнаружен новый органCalvin Coffey says that he discovered a new organ in the human body.

The mesentery is the part of the digestive system – it is proposed to classify as a separate body and to devote a separate section of science.

A recent study, Professor of surgery, Calvin Coffey, University of Limerick in Ireland showed that in fact, the mesentery does not consist of several separate fragments, but is one continuous body.

The doctor emphasized that the study of abnormalities of the mesentery should be a separate field for medical work the same as now separately studied gastroenterology, and other fields of knowledge.

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“Anatomical description that was given over 100 years ago was wrong. This body is far from fragmentation. It’s just one solid structure. When we come to the mesentery like any other organ, we can classify abdominal diseases from the point of view of this body,” considers Calvin Coffey.

Professor Coffey said that the study of the mesentery should be a new area of medical science. It is reported that changes in the program of medical schools USA will be made later this year. A new classification of the mesentery as a continuous body already attached to one of the most authoritative books — “the Anatomy of gray”.

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Note that, according to the ideas of scientists before this discovery, the mesentery is a composed of two sheets of peritoneum fold, through which the small intestine is attached to the back wall of the abdomen.

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