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In the Balkans found transformer age 20 thousand years

На Балканах нашли трансформатор возрастом 20 тысяч лет Scientists speculated about the purpose of the device without electricity.

Of course, such a transformer is no longer working, the question is: where did the solenoid device 20 thousand years ago? However, let’s analyze everything in order.

This unique artifact was found by researcher and photographer Smaili Ismet (Ismet smiley) on the ridge of Shar-Planina in Kosovo. It looks like an ordinary rock, however, the scientist was immediately interested in what this stone as if someone “melt” technical, quite recognizable modern human parts, e.g. electromagnetic coil of copper wire, porcelain insulator and even symmetrical holes, which are, for example, the transformer used to collect the already converted energy. The stone in this case performed the role of the body of this electromagnetic device, which seemed to Ismet some fiction.

The scientist took the find colleagues who are engaged in archeology, and they determined that stone, at least 20 thousand years. How is this possible, if to take into account that the official science is proving that in that distant time the man was still wild (the upper Palaeolithic so-called stone age), and at best could produce primitive stone tools (awls, scrapers, stone knives, and so on). And here – transformer with copper wire, but still somehow trapped in the stone (age-stone)!

Ismet smiley still trying to “break” his discovery, forcing scientists-Orthodox to admit it and on this basis to start gradually to revise a formal theory of the origin and development of human society. However, he understands how his naive attempts.

The very same “transformer stone” long donkey somewhere in the “scientific laboratories” as hundreds of other similar archaeological finds, which independent scientists have even given a very apt definition – not artifacts, because they are inconvenient for modern academia and Orthodox from it.

На Балканах нашли трансформатор возрастом 20 тысяч лет
На Балканах нашли трансформатор возрастом 20 тысяч лет

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