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In the Atlantic recorded a 19-foot sea wave

В Атлантике зафиксировали 19-метровую морскую волнуThis phenomenon was associated with a very strong cold front.

Wave 19-meter height was recorded in the ocean between Iceland and the UK.

The world meteorological organization (WMO) reported that the wave of the monster noticed in an automated buoy in February 2013, but only now its size was able to confirm officially.

“For the first time in the history of measurements recorded wave heights of 19 meters. This is a remarkable record,” said the assistant Secretary-General of WMO, vanichseni Zhang.

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According to the oceanographers, this phenomenon was associated with a very strong cold front, which was the cause of the winds speeds of over 80 kilometers per hour. The previous record of the wave height in meters 18,275 was registered on 8 Dec 2007 also in the North Atlantic during the passage of cold atmospheric front.

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This discovery, according to the representative of the WMO, is important for safety in the marine industry and safety of life of crew members and passengers on ships plying the busy waterways.

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