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In the Atlantic ocean found a ship with the treasures of the Third Reich

В Атлантическом океане найдено судно с сокровищами Третьего рейхаDiscovered ship the Nazis with tons of gold.

Divers from the British company Advanced Marine Services has found missing during the Second world war, Nazi gold off the coast of Iceland.

Under the earth and in the depths of the ocean hidden treasure worth billions of dollars. “My planet” have been told how difficult it is to find them.

Inside the injured wreck of the ship SS Minden in early July was found chest. It, presumably, is the gold of the South American Banco Germanico — subsidiary of the German Dresdner Bank.

In the Atlantic ocean South of Iceland in 1939, the ship was surrounded by the Royal Navy. To treasure has not got to the enemy, the Germans sank the ship.

According to the newspaper Metro, in the chest is gold with a mass of about 4 t, which is worth at least £100 million ($130 million). However, Icelandic authorities do not allow even to raise a container with bars at the surface and say that the treasure found in its waters, belongs to Iceland.

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