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In the Arctic will grow melons and watermelons

В Арктике будут выращивать дыни и арбузы

Already in 2021 in the Arctic can appear their melons. To grow them would be in special climatic conditions. This statement was made by Irina Mikhailova, the Director of the Polar experimental station, branch of VIR, at a conference in TASS. According to him, this year will start experiments with particular varieties of melons, which brought the Institute. They are distinguished by earliness and compact form. Already in 2021 experiences with these varieties to continue in the Arctic station. Melons will grow in an unheated polycarbonate greenhouses. Such experiments, experts believe, will help create a new kind of resistant to cold.

“Specifically, the North gives the opportunity to predict, to show and to explore the possibility of cultivation in partially protected ground for the (various) conditions of Central or Northern latitudes. If you start cold, we will be able to say, what to grow, how to grow and pick crops, types of varieties,” said Irina Mikhailova, Director of the Polar experimental station of the branch of VIR.

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