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In the Arctic occurs unusual natural phenomenon

 В Арктике происходит нетипичное природное явлениеThe air temperature over the Arctic ice at 9-12 degrees above climatic norm for this region.

This is evidenced by the Danish meteorological Institute.

Last week, the temperature at the North pole reached a record zero degrees, whereas usually at this time of year, it there reaches -20 degrees. Meteorologists say that this has never be seen.

The warm air came to the North pole by the winds from Western Europe and West Africa. Impose on the strong effect of El niño early in the year, it has aggravated the problem, reports The International Business Times. “Winds that carry warmth is temporary, but this weather is unprecedented”, – said the employee of the French laboratory of climate and environment Valerie Masson Delmo.

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In the long term reduce the mass of sea ice in the Arctic may be related to climate change. The less ice and snow, the less sunlight will be reflected into the atmosphere. They will be absorbed by the ocean, heating it.

The loss of ice amplifies global warming in General and also increases the warming, especially in the neighboring continents. According to a report by the U.S. national research center snow and ice, sea ice in October was the lowest for all time of observations – about 6.4 million square kilometers.

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