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In the airports of Singapore appeared robotic wheelchair

В аэропортах Сингапура появились роботизированные инвалидные креслаThis innovation should make life easier for people with special needs.

This summer there are two varieties of robotic wheelchairs, one in a Singapore hospital, one in a Japanese airport.

SMART research team from Singapore and the us, MIT has developed a self-driving wheelchair, which began operating in Singapore Changi hospital. It was in development for about one and a half years, starting January 2016, said Daniela Rus, Director of the Laboratory of computer science MIT.

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Computer robot uses three lidar data to create maps. Then, the localization algorithm determines the location of the seats on the map. Six wheel stroller provide stability, it is designed to fit into tight turns and doorways.

The second Autonomous wheelchair, recently presented at the airport of Haneda in Tokyo, designed by Panasonic, and Whill, Inc. Like a wheelchair from SMART, WHILL NEXT uses sensors to detect obstacles. It also uses the technology developed for the popular patient HOSPI robot from Panasonic. Stroller identificeret its position, selects routes, and moves to the selected destination on the basis of data entered by the user in the smartphone app.

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