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In the Aegean sea found five sunken medieval and ancient ships

В Эгейском море обнаружили пять затонувших средневековых и античных кораблейJust off the island of fourni was found for 58 ships

Archaeologists from Greece and the United States found five more medieval and ancient sunken ships. Just off the island of fourni is found already 58.

Fourni is a group of small Islands in the Aegean sea close to Turkey, has been a popular anchor and navigation routes for the Aegean crossing. Usually it was safe for ships, but for thousands of years, storms will inevitably drowned some vessels, as it is a wooden ship, at rest on the seabed.

A group of Greek Islands in the Aegean sea refuses some of his deepest secrets, because archaeologists have discovered 45 of the shipwreck there in less than a year.

In September 2015 a team of Greek and American divers found a striking 22 a shipwreck in the course of the 13-day tour around fourni, which consists of 13 small Islands, some of which are too small to be marked on maps. In June the band returned to the Eastern Aegean Islands, to expand the search. By the time when the survey three and a half weeks were completed, the researchers surpassed their first effort: they have documented 23 of the shipwreck, bringing the total to 45. Now the score reached 58 found the wreckage of the ships.

“Fourni full of surprises,” said Peter Campbell, co-Director of the archaeological project of the American Association of RPM Nautical Foundation.

The dates of the shipwrecks range from late Greek archaic period (525-480 BC) to early modernity (1750-1850).. In addition to the amphoras, which served as containers for shipping goods in the ancient world, divers found the lamps, the cooking pots and anchors. In some cases the cargo of a sunken ship had a clear origin, for example, a set of amphoras from the Greek island of KOs, belonging to the Hellenistic period (331-323 BC).

Campbell and his team of Greek underwater antiquities etrali raised representative samples of artifacts from each wreck, but for the most part left underwater objects after documenting each site.

Fourni can have one of the world’s largest concentration of ancient shipwrecks. According to the researchers, many of the larger Islands of the Mediterranean sea there are only three or four of the sunken ship, and in all the territorial waters of Greece, there were only about 180 ancient shipwrecks (not counting discoveries in fourni).

The deepest dive was to 213 feet (65 meters), but Campbell said he believes that at this level, you can find more, “given how many of the ships found in shallow areas and some steep cliffs here”.

In the next phase of the project, the team hopes to go even deeper with technologies such as remotely operated underwater vehicles.

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