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In Tajikistan, students collect nuts for textbooks

В Таджикистане школьники собирают орехи ради учебников So they repay the debt for the lease books.

In Rasht district of Tajikistan, students and their parents gathered nuts and wild rose, pass the trash and the scrap metal to pay off the debt for renting the books to the state.

In the country school are provided with textbooks to rent for three years, but many parents refuse to pay now the debt of schools exceeds $ 3 million.

Debt schools of Rasht district for the rental of textbooks is more than 56 thousand dollars.

The head of the Department of education of this district claims that the Minister of education to pay the debt proposed to send children to pick cotton or potatoes.

This idea of the power of the district refused, in the end, the children and their parents have to collect the rose hips and nuts, and pass the scrap metal and waste paper.

The collected money is given to the national Bank of Tajikistan, paying rent textbooks.

In Tajikistan, schools are required to pay to pay 33-34% of the cost of the textbook to the state for three years, after this period, the textbook becomes the property of the school.

The money from the rental of textbooks are spent on the maintenance of the library, increasing the salaries of teachers and provision of books to children from low-income families.

Now the duty of all Tajik schools the Ministry of education and science exceeded $ 3 million.

The Kyrgyz authorities also offered to parents to pay for 20 kgs in a year for textbook rental. Right now this system launched in pilot mode at 40 schools of Chui oblast.

The MoE of Kyrgyzstan decided to return rental textbooks to the opportunity to replace outdated books.

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