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In Switzerland they built the car with a garden inside

В Швейцарии построили автомобиль с огородом внутриThose who once saw the concepts of the Swiss company Rinspeed, is not to be envied, because after this nothing will be surprised.

Concept Rinspeed is symbolically named Oasis, the irony of which lies in a brief description of car: “Garden on wheels for the urban jungle”.

Rinderknecht, adds, they say, his Oasis, he wants to finally eradicate the established order of things, “when a person buys for conquering the urban jungle SUV the size of the tank”.

Rinspeed Oasis looks unusual. The company said that this car with the function of self-control could be called a modern interpretation of a beloved robot R2D2 from “Star wars”, including due to the nearly zero turning radius of the wheels of a trolley from the supermarket.

By the way, the drive in Oasis electric in-wheel, rear or front — not specified, built-in electric motor system with torque vectoring.

Rinspeed Oasis got a small island of greenery, located between the large windshield and the dashboard. It was called “eye-catcher”. There will be enough space for growing radishes or dwarf trees.

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Rinspeed Oasis “friends” with social networks and the Internet, which saves a lot of time. For example, someone from friends in Facebook or Twitter said that from minute to minute over a football match, which will inevitably lead to a huge traffic jam near the stadium, then Oasis is looking for an alternative route to bypass the fan collapse. Or another case: friends with similar interests have left good reviews about the newly opened restaurant, personal assistant in the car will notify you about it and offer to book a table. To make the beautiful of the sunset and upload it to Instagram — please!

Oasis is equipped with a large panel consisting of multiple screens, combining “tidy” and multimedia. The latter is able to recognise gestures and understand voice commands.
From the car you can control “smart home”, cause the car to its destination you can use WatsApp or other app messenger. Interesting the claimed function of the “waiting host”: flying to a business trip for a few days (at this time, Oasis can be given for the use of friends), and to return the car, knowing the time of arrival and the traffic situation, already on duty at the terminal, without delay.

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Looks unusual steering wheel, which in the absence of a need for it (again, Oasis is a “drone”) turns into a Desk with Cup holder and keyboard. The windscreen serves as a head-up display with augmented reality technology.

Those who could not attend the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, it is possible to see the Rinspeed Oasis at the motor show in Detroit at the stand of ZF.

В Швейцарии построили автомобиль с огородом внутри
В Швейцарии построили автомобиль с огородом внутри
В Швейцарии построили автомобиль с огородом внутри
В Швейцарии построили автомобиль с огородом внутри

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