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In Switzerland found an unusual artifact

В Швейцарии нашли необычный артефакт The age of the finds is about 3.5 thousand years.

A group of archaeologists in Switzerland have discovered the most ancient in Europe, a sculpture depicting a human figure.

“We found a hand made of bronze and gold, about 3.5 thousand years ago. At the bottom of the arm was made of the hole, which, presumably, allowed to attach it to a stick or post,” – said one of the archaeologists.

It is reported that the artifact was discovered near lake Biel in Western Switzerland.

In addition to the hands of archaeologists managed to unearth a knife and a human rib. Experts report that the hand was cast in bronze and gold. Its size corresponds to children.

В Швейцарии нашли необычный артефакт

Scientists were able to date the product 3,4−3,5 thousand years ago. Rather, it is the most ancient of these artifacts found in Europe.

Recently, the same group of archaeologists decided to return to the dig this place. They have found the remains of a middle-aged man, and in it a bronze pin for clothes and a bronze spiral.

“In the burial, we also found a broken bronze finger coinciding with the fault at hand, and the remnants of gold “cuff”. This pointed to the fact that the artifact originally was in the grave” – short story author of the study.

В Швейцарии нашли необычный артефакт

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