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In Switzerland found a suitable cheese, which is over a hundred years

В Швейцарии обнаружили пригодный сыр, которому больше ста летAs it turned out, the cheese is edible.

In the Swiss village discovered a head of cheese 142 years ago. Its owners claim that the product is quite good for food. According to them, the cheese was donated by their great-grandmother in 1875 as part of the dowry for the wedding. “This cheese has been through it all: dust, insects, heat,” — says one of the owners of vintage product Jean-Jacques Suffira (Jean-Jacques Zufferey) of the village of Grimentz, located in French speaking part of the Canton of Valais.

In his main profession he is the head of the cantonal Department responsible for the herds in the shaft, but at the same time he has one, but ardent passion: collecting rare cheeses. At the moment he’s in the cellar stored samples of 72 varieties, one of which, for example, was produced in 1944.

“I’ve had a few offers to sell his collection, but this will never happen, for any money,” says Jean-Jacques Suffira. According to him, specifically about this cheese just forgot, and he spent the whole time in the cellar, otherwise it would, of course, long been eaten. But a few years ago someone stumbled on a rare example.

Verify that the cheese 1875, the year is not the oldest in the world. While the title claims the cheese was found in China. According to reports, it produced 3 800 years ago. In the past 2016 in Sweden in the hold of the sunken ship was found a cheese at the age of 340 years, which now claims to be the oldest cheese fit to use.

As for cheese from the village of Grimentz, a few years ago the experts of the “Swiss centre for international agronomic research” (“Swiss Forum for International Agricultural ResearchВнешняя link”) in the Canton of Bern confirmed that they sent samples of pathogenic bacteria and elements not detected.

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