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In Sweden the cat landed in jail because of an uncontrolled love for food

В Швеции кот угодил в тюрьму из-за неконтролируемой любви к едеCat terrorized an entire community.

The Swedish member of the family cat Oscar was very unlucky.

He landed behind bars for an aggressive passion for food.

The residents of the Swedish town of piteå, in the North of the country, the police were called, no longer able to resist excessively greedy and aggressive street prankster Oscar, who was hunted by the fact that it regularly took food from their home-countrymen. Oscar terrorized the whole neighborhood, and was of such size that the people were afraid to approach him.

One night, cat owners have set a bowl of food a box-trap, driving, thus, a brazen thief in a trap. However, to get closer to her the Swedes decided not to. This was caused by the specially trained men in uniform. The guards didn’t believe that tailed the perp was homeless – so strong, full and happy he looked.

While the police was engaged in searches of the owner of the animal, and studied a database of missing animals, four-legged prankster was taken into custody and spent the night behind bars. In the morning the owner of the animal has yet to be announced. Oscar was indeed a runaway house cat. Where in his pet so much aggression, came to the station the man said.

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