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In Sweden learned to store solar heat in the winter

В Швеции научились запасать солнечное тепло на зимуSwedish scientists have developed a technology for conservation of the sun’s heat in the form of chemical energy for use in the cold months of the year.

Now, few stores the heat energy for later use, and those who do, use large and high tanks with hot water. But this approach has disadvantages.

Tanks of this size that we have to build buildings around them and convert to their home difficult and expensive. In addition, the water in the tanks constantly lose heat and should be used within a few weeks, otherwise you’ll get cold. This kind of heating is often a need for a fallback.

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System laboratory Empa differs in that it stores heat in the form of chemical energy. The secret ingredient is sodium hydroxide also known as lye. The design consists of two main elements, a plastic tank with sodium hydroxide, mixed with water, and module for charge and discharge of canned heat. During the charge process the energy received from renewable sources, e.g. solar thermal collector, is directed to the solution of lye, which absorbs heat by evaporating water. So it becomes concentrated and can be stored for months and even years. Moreover, its heat capacity is 5 times higher than that of the tank with hot water, then there is no need to build huge tanks.

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A prototype of the system developed by Swedish engineers, working with them in the lab for about a year, says Seeker. In the words of Benjamin Famly, one of the researchers on the project, this method “allows to provide solar heat the building, storing it for the winter.”

The heat generated during industrial processes, the so-called escape, can also be used for the benefit of society. The scientists of Malaysia and Australia have developed a generator, which restored 67% of the expended energy.

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