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In step with the times: changes in pension legislation will not affect beneficiaries

В ногу со временем: изменения в пенсионном законодательстве не затронут льготников

Timely changes to the pension legislation of the Russian Federation do not affect the actual preferential categories of citizens: military, rescue, pilots, workers in hazardous industries will retire as before. In addition, preserved benefits for mothers-heroines, certain categories of persons with disabilities and parents raising children with disabilities.

Just recently, members of the Legislative Assembly of the Zabaikalsky region in two readings adopted a law: regional benefits will retain not only for the above categories of citizens, but also for people close to retirement age. Individual concessions will undergo minor changes in the terms, but in General will retain its original texture.

The changes in pension legislation is more than justified: already on 6 active accounts 5 pensioners at achieving equality indicators inevitably, there will be negative financial trends affecting the welfare of the domestic economy of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that the annual pension will be indexed above inflation: in 2019, with projected inflation of 3-3. 5% increase in pension payments of seven per cent.

This is fully consistent with the proposed Russian President Vladimir Putin amendments to the pension legislation. The head of state lowered the age of retirement for women from 63 to 60 years, defined benefit retirement 6 months before the term for citizens of pre-retirement age and tax breaks, transportation and housing for many categories of inhabitants of the Russian Federation. Benefits for indigenous peoples of the North will remain in full.

In all 85 regions of the Russian Federation, local parliaments make laws on the conservation preferences for citizens. Introduced social programs of support of the population, the liberation of the people approaching retirement age from the transport and other taxes, reduce the cost of health services and medicines, as well as many other innovations, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the pension legislation of the new formation.

Due to the comprehensive involvement of all levels of government of the Russian Federation is fully committed to the pension maneuver: people understand the importance of the impending changes and to advocate for the establishment of a new pension system, enabling current and future pensioners to receive decent royalties for their work for the benefit of the state.

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