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In Star Wars: Battlefront 2 single player campaign

В Star Wars: Battlefront 2 будет одиночная кампанияEA heard the complaints of the fans about the lack of single player campaign.

In principle, users were quite pleased last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE, but many complained that the game has no singleplayer. Now, when the series is already looming on the horizon, Electronic Arts are ready to confirm that Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will still be the single player campaign.

As expressed in an interview with the General Manager on “Star wars,” EA Justin mcculley (Justin McCully), while working on Star Wars: Battlefront before the command DICE were strictly defined task — to produce a high quality multiplayer. And now the developers, they say, saw, what’s the best way to expand the universe, which characters to use, what stories to tell, and the collaboration with the division Lucasfilm, responsible for the story, it became better.

According to the boss of EA, the company heard the complaints of the fans about the lack of single player campaign, so the game makers are trying their best to make it appear in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which is scheduled for release autumn-winter holiday season of 2017. The publisher understands that people are unlikely to want to see a repetition of already known stories and go the way of, say, Luke Skywalker. So developers are aiming at a new story and new characters.

There mcculley confirmed that EA is not going to resurrect a deceased project, Star Wars 1313, although some of the ideas from it may emerge in the future in other games based on “Star wars.”

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