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In St. Petersburg two visitor cafes cooked to death

In the night of Friday in Saint-Petersburg in the yard of one of houses on Izmailovsky prospect broke through the main heating pipe. Boiling water flooded the anti-cafe “Typical Peter”, located near the building and in the end two people trapped there died, having received severe thermal burns.

It is reported that it was still very young guys who were both 20 years old.

The stupidest thing the guys managed to jump out of the cafe, but then returned to the abandoned property. Turning back was not there. Employee “a Typical Peter” tried to help them, but couldn’t. Together with the guys in anti-cafe that evening was their girl friend, who managed to survive.

In addition, as can be seen in the pavement near the building there is a rupture, where the hell parked cars. Here is a small but no less terrible hell broke loose in the usual St. Petersburg yard.

Because of the accident had to cut the heat to 76 houses. During the pumping of hot water from the flooded cafe emergency personnel and stumbled upon two dead mutilated bodies.

It is known that a criminal case on the provision of services not meeting safety requirements. They say the age of the ill-fated pipe exceeded a quarter of a century.

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