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In Spain, the Russian millionaire was the victim of a cheeky crook

В Испании российский миллионер стал жертвой дерзкой мошенницыEven a street named in his honor, did not save the citizen of the Russian Federation.

The Spaniards have named a street after Russian tycoon Yuri Uterine. However, merit of Spain, did not save the Russians from the local crook, he stole $ 1.5 million.

In the municipality of Rojales, in the East Spanish province of Alicante, one of the streets named after Russian businessman Yuri Uterine, former CEO and co-owner of the hotel “Metropol” in Moscow. This honor the citizen of the Russian Federation, as reported by DW in the city hall of Rojales, awarded for “great contribution to the economy of the region” for its activities, which began in the early 90-ies of the last century. But fame across Spain, the Russians suffered just last August, because it got in the media of a scandal involving the kidnapping from his Bank account of $ 1.5 million.

Street for services

The representative of the municipality Antonio Filho explained that Matkiv was one of the first Russians who began to “learn” the municipality of Rojales quarter of a century ago. Here he made large investments in real estate and construction. This, according to the mayor’s office, had a positive impact on the local economy, after experiencing the 90s economic crisis. The initiative on naming one of the streets. the name of Uterine belonged to the Spanish entrepreneurs who were associated with the Russian partnership.

Filho also said that the street was named first short, “don George” and recently decided to add to the name and even the name – “to avoid doubt, you are talking about”. Because example, the hotel magnate was followed by many other wealthy Russians who purchased in the last decades of the Villa in Rojales. Many of them live here all the time, so some areas in the municipal district even became known as “Russian”, said the representative of the municipality.

The Spaniards respect the Russian neighbor

With regard to the Spanish population., it seems, did not object to the street name in honor of the Russians. Also, DW made sure of that “don George” had a certain respect, although it happens here only on short visits. “This is a very important Russian sir,- said a local resident, 50-year-old Nieves Martinez. – Despite a lot of money, a luxurious house and a limousine with chauffeur he is not conceited and all friendly. Well, my son, the waiter gives a big tip when he dines at his restaurant.”

However, most of the locals know about who “don George” only recently recognized Antonio Filho. After all, he was in the center of the scandal, which caused great public resonance. The fact that the Russians, is considered the homeland of brilliant entrepreneur, almost the father of the Moscow hotel business, became a victim of the Spanish of the swindler who stole from his Bank account a half million dollars.

Simple Anita

Anita Fuster, according to the newspaper Mundo, just a humble Bank employee, which, in 1992, “don George” has opened the account and put on him a large sum of cash. Anita, which in Rojales has a reputation for a Bimbo, since great joy was kindly served by the Russian tycoon – whenever he appeared in Spain. Yes, and Russian, according to the newspaper, had imbued her with confidence and do not read in the paper about the state of their accounts which she presented to him. But his arrival last summer he has returned and discovered the theft of half a million dollars.

Version Mundo, all these years, Anita managed the client’s account as his own. She improved living conditions, buying outfits and machines expensive brands, travelled a lot. Colleagues and friends the Spanish to justify the expenditure, talked about the inheritance. Now it is under investigation.

In the future the court, the prison and the obligation to compensate the damage. In the meantime, the Spaniards are discussing this story in social networks: most of them are surprised that “don George” a quarter of a century had not noticed that mercilessly robbed.

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