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In Spain, a bull trampled a man. Video

В Испании разъяренный бык затоптал мужчину. ВидеоThe man was unesli from the battlefield, whether he could survive – not reported

A terrible incident occurred during a bullfight in the Spanish Madrid. Toreador can not cope with the bull and got to the furious animal under the hooves. The bull began to violently trample a man.

Fortunately, help quickly arrived, but it is unknown whether the Spaniard to survive.

Published below footage shows how the bullfighter does not have time to Dodge the bull and the man raises his horns, and then starts to stomp. All this time the Spaniard lying face down.

Earlier it was reported that in Spain, the bull killed the Matador in front of his wife.

In 2010, bullfighting was banned in Catalonia due to excessive violence, but in 2016, the regional authorities have recognised the spectacle as “cultural heritage” and re-legalized.

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