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In space “spotted” an interesting finding. Video

В космосе "засекли" интересную находку. ВидеоAstronomers point to the uniqueness of the findings, as previously this was not known to science

With the help of a telescope “Hubble” in the vastness of the Solar system, scientists were able to detect an unusual luminous object, a double asteroid with signs of the comet.

So, astronomers were able to detect a strange space object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. As it turned out, it consists of two bodies.

As the researchers say, it is unique in that it is the first known double asteroid, which can be attributed to the class of comets: the two bodies of almost equal mass and size are orbiting each other at a distance of about 100 kilometers, leaving a trail like a comet.

The object has a name 288P.

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