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In space noticed a giant fountain

В космосе заметили гигантский фонтан“Fountain” is located in the center of the galaxy.

Astronomers first discovered a supermassive black hole, which forms a vicious cycle out and falling back to the cold molecular gas.

“Fountain” is located in the center of the galaxy, which is part of the galactic cluster Abell 2597, the remote a billion light years from Earth. Molecular gas is attracted by gravity of the black hole, forming an accretion disk. Part of this material is sent to the poles and ejected in the form of jets (jets) of plasma, the speed of which is comparable with the speed of light. These jets extend for 30 thousand light years.

But then the material falls back into a filamentary nebula, which feeds the accretion disk and reaches a hundred thousand light years in diameter, occupying the whole center of the galaxy.

Hot jet are cooled, the gas condenseries and forms clouds of molecules of carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide). These clouds tend to supermassive black hole and the cycle begins anew.

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