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In space no one can hear you “meow!”

In the distant future the crew returning to Earth cargo spaceship “Nostromo” finds out that on Board is the unidentified creature, and it’s not a person. However, prepare for the worst, the astronauts discover a bloodthirsty alien and… cute kitten. And yet at that moment, their life is turned upside down.

So it could look abstract to the original “Alien” 1979, the year if instead of horror Ridley Scott was shooting a fantastic family Comedy, the trailer of which and mounted guys with MediaPortal mashable.com. The secret of success was simple: a truly dynamic music, carefully selected replicas of the crew, the ginger purring, climbing where you do not have before us one of the best parodies-rewrites on the timeless classics. Stocking up on popcorn, call to screen children and watch together this gorgeous video about the adventures of the playful and furry astronaut in the world – the kitten, Jonesy!

And remember – in space no one can hear your “meow!”

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