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In space experienced a supercomputer

В космосе испытали суперкомпьютерThe main goal of the experiment is the preparation for lunar and Martian missions

A month ago at the ISS in the cargo hold of the cargo ship Dragon has arrived SpaceBourne supercomputer, developed jointly by NASA and Hewlett-Packard.

It was created in order to learn how such high-tech equipment will behave in space after a long overloads and possible software failures. The developers hoped for the best, but they had serious concerns about the fact that the computer will be able to survive the shake-up after the flight from Earth to the ISS. At some point they even suggested that the computer will not start, but he coped with congestion, could be loaded and still works.

Before the advent of powerful supercomputer on Board the ISS was only battered low-power laptops, but now astronauts will have the opportunity to use a quick and, as it turned out, hardy SpaceBourne. Before to perform complex calculations, they had to send large amounts of data to Earth — where did the calculations, and then send the results back to the ISS. Now with this problem aboard the International space station will be able to cope on their own.

The main goal of the experiment is the preparation for lunar and Martian missions, which replace the existing equipment with new will not work. So the supercomputer SpaceBourne will be tested for another year — so much he needs to work on, not turned off. In case of success, the achievements used in its creation, will take the basis for the development of new space supercomputers.

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