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In space, discovered the “galactic matryoshka”

В космосе обнаружили "галактическую матрешку" The structure of the galaxy has surprised astronomers.

Amazing structure of a spiral galaxy may have the most direct relation to “feeding” a huge black hole at its center.

40 years ago, scientists have marveled at the unusual internal structure they galaxy is NGC 1291 attracted their attention. Astronomers were surprised to find that the structure of the nearby galaxy NGC 1291 looks like the doll, because its center has two absolutely identical structure, only slightly differing in size, which seems to be “nested” into one another.

About the amazing discovery of scientists from the California Institute of technology, USA with the help of the interferometer MUSE European Very Large Telescope (VLT) told the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters.

Spiral galaxy NGC 1291 is located 33 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Eridanus. Its feature is the existence of a special jumper, or bar, in the center of a space system, which is similar to an elongated cocoon of gas and stars does not reach internally of the helix, which is a slight ellipse and the external spiral around him.

At the center of this jumper is the nucleus of the galaxy. Unlike other space systems, spiral arm of the stars come from the ends of the bar, not from the kernel.

About the structure and role of such galaxies, scientists know very little. It is possible that they supply the gas to the center of the stellar system, where he is consumed by supermassive black holes, however it is known that they remain stable for billions of years.

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