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In space discovered a mysterious metal object. Video

В космосе обнаружен загадочный металлический объект. ВидеоScientists have found an object composed entirely of metal.

Virtual hunter for all the inexplicable, which was on YouTube under the name secureteam10, spoke about the discovery in space of a massive metal object, the origin of which remains unknown.

According to the newspaper astronomers gave the mysterious object the name CFBDSIR 2149-0403. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

After research they found out that he has either low density or extremely high metal content.

Dimensions celestial bodies staggering in its scope: its mass is several times the mass of Jupiter. As experts believe, the object could be a planet, an outcast or a rare brown dwarf with high metallicity.

The good news for astronomers is the fact that CFBDSIR 2149-0403 relatively close to the Ground, so they can continue to watch him. It is possible that this may be our first chance to study a whole class of similar objects the planet, which scientists have not yet had to face.

In turn, the users in the comments to secureteam10 published the video wrote that the mysterious object could be a space station or a giant computer running a simulation of the universe to trillions of artificial intelligence.

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