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In South Korea, the robot moonlights as a sports journalist

В Южной Корее робот подрабатывает спортивным журналистомThe miracle of technology is beginning to engage in creative activities.

Korean robot journalist covers sports events after two seconds after the matches.

Korean news Agency Yonhap has launched the automatic “system alert”, which itself writes and publishes news about football matches in the English Premier League (English Premier League, EPL).

The basis of the system of a robot journalist Soccerbot are algorithms that mimic the way in which writing articles human journalists, but the robot-journalist for writing an article takes only a second or two of time after the end of the football match.

Test robot journalist Soccerbot was held during the EPL games of the season 2016-2017. During these tests, the robot “made of light” 380 articles. Now, article robot Soccerbot written in Korean language, covering all 380 games of the season in 2017-2018, will immediately and without pre-moderation to be published on the website of the news Agency Yonhap.

In its work programme Soccerbot uses a database of words and expressions, based on analysis of a large number of articles written in the past reporters for the Yonhap news Agency. The process of creating the article consists of three stages, data collection, drafting, checking spelling and grammar. In order to use only reliable data, the robot Soccerbot uses five interrelated sources of information. And in the process of composing and editing the text of the future article the robot makes the necessary correction, depending on the match results and the participation of players and citizens, and immigrants from South Korea.

Using the experience and achievements gained in creating a robot Soccerbot journalist, professionals to Yonhap news Agency began developing more complex software, which will similarly cover all the events of the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Pyeongchang (PyeongChang) in February 2018.

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